Internal Rules and Regulations

Internal Rules and Regulations

Nr Reg : H/MA/02315

Article 25 of Decree 13/2020 provides

  1. The hostal establishments must have an internal regulation in which mandatory rules will be established for users during their stay, without being able to contravene the provisions of Law 13/2011, of December 23, or in this Chapter.
  2. The internal regulations will always be available to users and will be displayed, at least, in Spanish and English, in a visible and easily accessible place in the establishment. These regulations must be published on the establishment’s own website, if there is one.
  3. The operating companies of the hostal establishments may seek the assistance of the Security Forces and Bodies to evict from them those who fail to comply with the internal regulations, fail to comply with the usual rules of social coexistence or intend to access or remain in them for a purpose different from the normal use of the service, in accordance with the provisions of article 36.4 of Law 13/2011, of December 23
  1. It is compulsory for all the guests to present their identity card at the moment of being admitted in the establishment.
  2. Before the admission, guests have to sign a registration card. In this paper, it is stated the name of the establishment, its category, and its registration number. It is also stated the number or identification of the accommodation unit, number of people who are going to occupy it, services contracted (breakfast), arrival and departure dates and the daily rate. The registration card will be kept by the establishment.
  3. Every user who makes use of the accommodation units and spends the night at the hostal will be given a document entitled “police file”, which must be signed upon arrival and which the hostal will store and send each night to the national police as required by the regulations.

This hostal establishment is for public use and has free access, with no restrictions other than those derived from legal provisions and these regulations. Admission and permanence will only be denied for the following reasons

  • Due to lack of accommodation capacity or facilities
  • For failing to comply with the admission requirements mentioned above in this regulation.
  • When the closing time of the establishment has been exceeded.
  • When you do not meet the minimum age established to access the premises, according to the current regulations. In the case of Hostal Aljibe  , this is 18 years of age.
  • When the person attempting to access has not paid the designated amount in cases where this is required.
  • Due to adopting violent behaviours that may endanger or cause inconvenience to other people or users.
  • When the person does not comply with basic hygiene standards.
  • When people carry weapons or objects that can be used as such, unless, in accordance with the provisions at any time by the specific applicable regulations, they are members of the National Security Forces and Bodies or private bodyguard companies that access the establishment to exercise their duties.
  • When the person is consuming drugs or narcotic or psychotropic substances, or shows symptoms of having consumed them or shows symptoms of being intoxicated. Likewise, it will be cause for expulsion when they cause malicious damage to the facilities, cause a scene or make a racket, especially when this leads to complaints from other users whose peace and privacy are being disturbed.

In the above cases, the establishment may resort to assistance from officers from the competent Authority or Police to evict them from the accommodation units. Payment of the expenses that this person has caused up to being expelled from the establishment is mandatory.

It is stated that free access to the facilities, services and rooms of this hostal establishment will not be denied to people who wish to do so for reasons of gender, disability, with or without a guide dog, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.

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Guests have a right to

  • Freely access and stay at the establishment, with the limitations contained in the previous paragraphs of these regulations.
  • Receive truthful and complete information prior to contracting the services offered.
  • Ensure that the contracted services respect their security, privacy and peace.
  • Be given a detailed invoice on their departure for the services that have been contracted directly with the establishment.
  • In the event that they wish to make a claim or complaint, ensure that the official complaint forms are delivered to the Regional Government of Andalusia.

The owners of the establishment may prevent access to and permanence therein to users who breach or have previously breached any of the following duties (art. 36.3 and 22 of Spanish Tourism Act 13/2011):

  • Observe the coexistence and hygiene rules enacted for the proper use of tourist establishments.
  • Respect the internal regulations of tourist establishments, as long as they are not contrary to the law.
  • Respect the agreed departure date from the establishment, leaving the occupied unit free.
  • Pay for the contracted services upon presentation of the invoice or within the agreed deadline, unless the filing of a complaint leads to an exemption from this payment.
  • Respect the hostal’s establishments, facilities and equipment.
  • Respect the environmental surroundings of the historical cultural heritage and the tourist resources of Andalusia.
  • The hostal establishment may request a prior payment guarantee, indistinctly by any of these means: credit card, transfer, etc., for the contracted services, both for the entire reservation and for any extras
  • Every 7 days at the most or at the time when the invoice exceeds €300, all expenses generated by the services provided by the Hostal must be paid. If this transaction is not made, the customer expressly authorises, with signing the Welcome Document (which contains this condition) and from that moment onwards, to terminate the accommodation contract that they maintain with the establishment. The customer must collect their belongings within a maximum of 12 hours or the Hostal will be authorised to collect them and keep them in storage until the invoice is regularised
  • The establishment will ensure that the rooms can only be accessed by registered staff, as stated in article 2 of the Spanish Decree Law;
  • The hostal establishment presents the following obligations to its customers:
  • To have its prices available to users and to have them visible at hostal reception.
  • To inform users, prior to the contracting, of the conditions and prices of every service it provides.
  • To provide the service with the highest quality required by its category and to ensure that customers receive proper treatment.
  • To keep the facilities and services in a good condition.
  • The hostals responsibility covers the personal property of the guests stored in the rooms, except for money, jewelry, securities and objects with a unit value of more than €300.
  • To have official complaints forms and visibly inform that these are available.
  • To provide guests who cannot stay due to an overselling of rooms with accommodation in a similar area and always of the same or higher category. Any expenses or extra costs that arise due to this will be borne by Hostal Aljibe.
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At reception, the necessary procedures will be carried out to admit people to the establishment and the keys needed to access the establishment will be stored there.  The owner, together with the reception staff, is responsible for the internal affairs of the hostal and for information and advice.

  • The hostal stay begins at 2 pm on the first day of the contracted period, which may be delayed by 1 hour to 3 pm on days of high occupancy, and ends at 12pm noon on the day indicated as the departure date.
  • Extending your stay for more than the contracted time will not be accepted without prior agreement. If there is an agreement to extend your stay at the hostal, the total amount of the first or previous reservation must be paid as the stay cannot be extended if there are outstanding invoices from previous stays.
  • Two people staying in a double room that has been booked for one person only will not be permitted. In that case, the fixed rate for a double room will be paid.
  • The cleaning hours of the rooms are from 8 am to 4 pm. Do not use the towels in the room other than for personal hygiene.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the establishment, with the exception of that permitted in Spanish Law 28/2005, on health measures against tobacco use, as well as in Spanish Law 42/2010, of 30 December, which modifies it.
  • Eating in the hall of the hostal is prohibited, you must use the spaces and tables in the designated areas.
  • Access of people accompanied by animals without the express authorisation of the establishment is prohibited, with the exception of people accompanied by guide dogs, as established in Spanish Law 5/1998, of 23 November, regarding the use of guide dogs in Andalusia by people with visual impairments.
  • The room is delivered to each customer with all means in operation and with the controls needed to enjoy the TV in their room. If any item goes missing or breaks, the hostal reserves the right to charge for the amount of the missing or damaged item.
  • For those establishment services intended for both customers and the general public, the access and/or permanence of people involved in the cases outlined in the admission section will be prevented.
  • If you do not wish to be disturbed, hang the notice: “Please do not disturb” outside your room door.

  • Hostal Aljibe does not have its own garage, but there is the option of a free public parking located at 50m from the hostal.
  • The hostal is not responsible for any damages that occur to vehicles using the parking service nor to objects stored inside them, as well as for the theft of the vehicle itself.


Breakfast is served Monday to Sunday from 7:30am to 11:am

  • Buffet Breakfast products must be consumed within our facilities and cannot be taken outside.
  • Access to the breakfast room is not permitted to people wearing swimwear, you must wear at least shorts, a t-shirt and appropriate footwear.
  • The hostal does not offer room service


For any queries or questions related to the operation of the hostal, you can contact our reception staff who will assist you and, where appropriate, put you in touch with the right person to resolve your query or question, with the owner being ultimately responsible for the Hostal.


You can get information at the reception about excursions, services and experiences provided by companies outside the hostal operator.

This establishment is not responsible for the services provided by companies outside the hostal operator.

All the facilities and services offered by the hostal comply with the security measures stipulated for this purpose, guaranteeing and promoting your safety.

  • Watch and control your luggage. Please, do not leave it unattended.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended on the tables/chairs in the communal areas of hostal Aljibe.
  • Keep the door closed when you are in your room.
  • Close the door every time you leave, and try to open it in order to make sure that it is correctly closed, even though your absence should be for a short time only.
  • Close your luggage when you do not use it and put it in your closet. If the luggage has a security lock, use it at all times.
  • Never leave jewelry, money or valuables in your room.
  • Immediately notify the management of any abnormal occurrences you notice such as: suspicious persons in the corridor, repeated phone calls from unidentified persons, knocking on your room door from unknown persons.
  • Protect the key of your room. Do not leave it on the counter of reception, always give it back to the receptionist when you leave the establishment. Do never show your key in public places.
  • For your security, if you forget or lose your key, only the reception staff is authorised to provide you with a new key to open your room, for which you will have to present your ID/Passport, or answer a couple of questions.
  • Please do not feel bothered if you are asked to identify yourself at reception. It is for your security.
  • When you establish social relations with unknown people, do not reveal the name of the establishment or the number of your room.
  • Never allow the maintenance personnel to enter your room without having required it or without having been authorized by the manager of hostal.
  • Never allow people to enter your room with deliveries that have not been asked for.
  • Never discuss specific plans of future excursions, etc., in public or with strangers.
  • Do not hang clothes on the railing of the terrace. Do not use ropes or cords to hang clothes on the terrace.
  • If you discover some type of deterioration, damage or anomaly in your room please, inform the reception personnel of it.
  • The electrical system of your room is of 220 Volts.
  • Respect the areas in which the rooms are located during the night and siesta hours, and in general, avoid making unnecessary noise.
  • Please, use the facilities suitably, respecting the furniture and the gardens of the establishment.
  • Please, respect the schedules of all the facilities and services of the establishment.
  • We thank you for your participation in case that during your stay in the establishment, there were some disaster or evacuation practices.
  • Some schedules can be changed according to the season.

The personal data of distinguished customers will be processed for the purposes of booking, provision and collection of hostal services and in the case of having their express consent, sending information about offers and services of the hostal. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion (oblivion), data portability, limitation and opposition to its treatment, by simply requesting it by any means to the hostal establishment in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (RGDP) and the organic law (SP) 3/2018 (OLPPD).

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