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About Us and our Boutique Hotel

Why Hostal Aljibe is so special and why we have the BOUTIQUE label.

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Who we are and what we have to offer

Hostal Aljibe is occupying a traditional townhouse, a stone’s throw from the historic Plaza Ochavada in the heart of the historic town of Archidona. Midway between the bustling vacation city of Malaga and the historic towns of Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla, this is the first accomodation of its kind in the region.

The hostal Aljibe experience cannot be summed up in one word.  It offers its guests the hospitality and conviviality of a B&B, the cosiness and guidance of a homestay, the relaxed atmosphere of a guesthouse and the luxurious feeling of a hotel.

As your hosts, we have travelled the world and have put all our experiences into the design and vision of the accommodation.

From its inception, the 4-room Boutique Hostal Aljibe was meant to pay tribute to Archidona, both in its design and guest experience, as it celebrates the magnificent whitewashed town and exquisite cultural marvels endemic to the region. We are collaborating with the very best local talent to ensure a truly authentic experience.

About Us & our Personal Touches

Nestled in the center of town, we offer our guests an oasis of tranquility with a beautifully designed Andalusian patio surrounded by cushion covered seating, an emerald swimming pool and sunbathing area. Inside, the bright and airy downstairs offers several cosy seating areas where guests can enjoy reading one of the many books in our libraries, listen to music, have a drink and engage in conversations with other like-minded travelers.

Personal touch– Celebrating art at every turn, Hostal Aljibe features original works from the owner throughout the property.

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The 6 reasons why Hostal Aljibe is a BOUTIQUE hotel

Boutique hotels are some of the best places to stay when traveling.

It’s a perfect compromise when you prefer to have your own space, you don’t like to stay in a dorm, or you don’t have the budget to splurge for 5-star hotels.

Boutique hotels are somewhere in the middle, offering great amenities but with a more reasonable price range.

While there are no strict guidelines on what can be considered as a “boutique hotel”, they have distinct characteristics that you could easily spot.

The simplest definition of what a boutique hotel is “a small, sophisticated, and fashionable business or establishment“.

This simply means that a boutique hotel is — a small, stylish hotel, usually located in a fashionable location in the city’s urban district.

Compared to regular hotels, boutique hotels are generally smaller, more intimate and usually feature a strong artistic sense and focus on design.

Moreover, its appeal lies to its promising services, Instagram-worthy spots, and decors, as well as its location.

6 Boutique Hotel Requirements

So does Hostal Aljibe fall into this category ? Let’s go over each of the 6 standard requirements and try to check each box with some arguments.

  • Smaller in Size
  • Unique in character
  • A lot of attention goes to design and detail
  • Located in areas easily accessible to the city.
  • Personalized Services
  • Great selection of things to do and guest programming
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1. Smaller in size

Boutique hotels are usually small in size and there are suites available on the property.

Also, they are usually more intimate compared to other hotels, making its service more personal than ever.

Boutique Hostal Aljibe only has 4 rooms, making it a personal, cosy hotel with a homely feeling. One of the 4 rooms is our Excecutive Suite.

2. Unique in character

Boutique hotels usually strive to create a distinct characteristic in their space.

Most boutique hotels operate independently.

Needless to say that Boutique Hostal Aljibe is full of character. Every space in the hotel has been designed to conserve the original features of the house so that its character was maintained.

We operate independently from any hotel chain.

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3. Lots of attention to design

The design is one of the easiest ways to create unique characteristics.

That is why most boutique hotels really give attention to perfecting even the smallest details of their space.

Usually, they combine interesting architecture, artistic furnishings, as well as playing through decors to create a character.

The typical design that most follow are contemporary, chic, and stylish vibe mixed with some personality.

They lean towards providing elegance and luxury without going overboard with their prices.

As a way to be one-of-a-kind, most boutique hotels employ their knowledge in design and culture to create a distinguished personality for their spaces.

Boutique Hostal Aljibe exudes design. Every room is given special attention, making every one unique and personal.

4. Located in a fashionable area

Most are usually found in fashionable areas, in the heart of the city’s cultural spots.

While some can be found along the busy streets, and others may be located in the back alley, or sometimes even in residential areas.

They are easily accessible to the city.

They also aim to be a great jump-off point to explore the rest of the city.

Boutique Hostal Aljibe is located smack in the center of town, at 100m from the Plaza Ochavada, labelled one of Spain’s most beautiful squares.

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5 Personalized Services

Since most boutique hotels are smaller, they are also able to provide more personalized service to their guests.

No matter how they do it, they make sure to work the extra mile to give you a great time during your stay.

Boutique Hostal Aljibe offers its guests a very personal and direct service. From tips on the surroundig area to booking restaurants, taxis and tours. Car trouble, medical urgencies, every need is attended to by us personally. Want to lounge by the pool with a gin tonic and a tapa, no problem, relax and we tend to it.

With a personal guest programming we aim to serve our guests even better in the future. For an idea of what we offer, take a look at our blog and the surroundings tab by clicking the buttons below.

6. Great selection of things to do

Boutique hotels are usually an extension of celebrating the city’s Culture, Art and Food

Most often than not, these hotels make sure to incorporate details of their city through what they offer and serve to their guests.

Whether it be highlighting local artists or serving locally sourced ingredients, these factors are always ingrained in boutique hotels. Making them more appealing than ever to travelers who want to experience a place as authentic as they can possibly get.

At Boutique Hostal Aljibe you can book a wide range of activities. As Andalusia hosts lots of ferias, fiestas, cultural and culinary activities, we offer lots of options to our guests to choose from. Once you book a room and would like to know what to do in the area, our guest programming will help you and select just that activity that is right for you.

For a good selection of things to do in Archidona and surroudings, take a look at our Blog and the Surroundings tab

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