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A quaint haven

This is a lovely well designed boutique hostal right in the centre of this quaint town.
The recent refurbishment of this house is all top quality & up to date with modern facilities but maintaining the Andalusian style. A pleasure to stay there.
The attention of the owners to travellers/guests requirements was impeccable.
The patio & small pool were a welcome relaxing place after a long car journey.
Just a few Km off the A49 in a quaint hillside town, a great place for a stopover or a base for touring.
Breakfast was great also.


Perfect stay!

We spent 4 wonderful days and nights in this beautiful house with an eye for detail. The warm welcome by Frank and Sabrina made the stress of home fall off immediately. Our room was spacious. Lovely bed (mattress, pillow, sheets). Perfect shower. Enjoyed the terrace, pool and tranquility. A walk to La Ermita and good food nearby on the square completed our short holiday. I highly recommend this place and would love to come back any time. Thank you Frank & Sabrina for having us


Just perfect!

Never wrote a review online in my life but this one is so well deserved. We had a perfect stay at Hostal Aljibe. As beautiful and as comfortable as the property is, the owners are what sets it apart. Thanks so much for your hospitality. Looking forward to stay with you again!


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Welcome to our Guest Review Page – the heart of shared experiences and genuine opinions!

Here, every visitor transforms into a storyteller, and each stay becomes a chapter in our collective narrative.
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Welcome to our Guest Review Page—a testament to the richness of shared memories and the diversity of the human journey. Ready to add your chapter?

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